The Work with Tom Compton in Israel

Who is Tom?

Tom Compton is a Certified Facilitator and Trainer in The Work of Byron Katie, working globally with individuals, groups, and organizations. He's had the privilege of sitting with thousands of people from all walks of Life, applying this simple yet profound process. Tom has had a daily practice in The Work for the last 18 years and has staffed over 25 of Byron Katie's 9-day and 14-day School's since 1999.


"In my experience The Work doesn’t leave anything out. Since applying The Work on a daily basis, how I relate with every aspect of my life and every person in my life has radically changed. All of my relationships, interactions, thoughts, feelings, events - anything my attention goes to - with The Work becomes a gift, a kiss, a kindness, a receiving that leaves me grateful and open to Life.

The Work is continually opening me to more life enhancing and inclusive ways of dealing with “what is”. It helps me take responsibility, to see clearly my part in what unfolds day to day - freeing me of the role of victim. It enables me to acknowledge, “I did that, that happened, these are the results” and frees me to begin now.

The Work has been a tremendous gift in helping me to identify past hurts and the thoughts that are the real cause of these hurts; which in my experience until they are met with understanding, continue to run and complicate my life. It has become automatic now to notice when there is not space within myself for what is and to begin to search for the story I am telling that would move me to oppose what is (hopeless) rather than working with what is. Over and over again The Work is showing me that the worst that can happen in life will bring me my freedom through the next thing to work on".


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About the workshop

Using exercises, sacred poetry, music, movement and group dynamics woven together to support us in honouring, seeing clearly, and stepping out of old paradigms that no longer serve us in loving Life as it unfolds.

Through The Work as meditation we can begin to bring everything within ourselves, heaven and hell, dark and light, into the "light" of conscious awareness and finally begin to meet it all with love and understanding.

    26-28/4/2018  Israel 

This workshop will be an open workshop for all levels.

location: Ramat Hasharon

body mind center


17.30-21.30 Thu 

 Fri 9.30-16.30

Sat 9.39-16.30



early bird price (up to 29/3): 1290 NIS
after the 29/3: 1490 NIS

for payment



Among the most powerful/wonderful experiences of my life. I loved the poetry & the music. The exercises & explorations were profound. I found myself able to hold space for all parts of my experience more fully than I’ve been able to before. And I had a lot of fun. I’ve felt supported, safe, unconditionally held by the group, the home, the place. As a result, I was able to look deeply & really go inside. Hearing my mind expressed by others is always illuminating in ways I couldn’t imagine experiencing alone”


Healing has begun, I remember that I am love, I have returned to love. I learned more from the other people’s experiences and sharing than I could have imagined."


“Peaceful and life-changing. I have more love for my children and myself. I gained a feeling of belonging and tools at my fingertips to work through pain.


“This experience was an amazing bonus to a huge turning point in my life. It brought an awareness to all the love I have around me and have for myself all the time, which I sometimes forget. There is a profound importance to being reminded how wonderful life is, and for me this is the best place to do it.”


“Tremendous support, inspiration, guidance in uncovering the cause of unhappiness. I loved this workshop! Thanks to Tom for [his] skill, dedication, love. I feel free, up for life, equipped to handle whatever arises, and renewed love of this incredible life.


One of the most moving and life changing retreats that I have done. Having the time to let down and not do anything - to focus on the within and ask questions was of infinite value. I loved the intimate setting and the chance to ask questions with Tom made it such a personal experience. It helped me see more, be more honest, and go deeper into myself.”


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